In this campaign, Angela Gold, a functional food brand that enhances health, beauty and physiology of females, wishes to highlight its benefit of reducing wrinkles, dryness and dark spots to return a bright, glowing skin after just 3 months. Aiming to draw the audience in with a content high in entertainment value, we introduced a character unheard-of: a skin reader, impersonated by the famed comedian Hoai Linh, who tells women’s fortune by their skin condition. Angela Gold comes in as the amulet to transform their skin and thus their fortune in just 3 months.
Client: Eco Pharma
Agency: Circus Digital
Creative Director: Huy Nguyen, Minh Ngoc
Executive Producer: Trung Duong
Producer: Lana Phuong
Art Director: Danh Chau
Copywriter: Chi Do
Graphic designer: Daty Do
Story Board: Ry Nguyen
Director: Jess Jesda
Production House: Good Sunday
Post House: Pixels Garden

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